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Bartholinitis is a disease potentially dangerous, but curable. The main thing is to be responsible and attentive to your health.

Bartholinitis in women - inflammation of augmentin pills of the labia, symptoms and causes.

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Traditionally, gynecological diseases are considered primarily sexually transmitted diseases. However, there are exceptions, the reasons for which can be various, and arise in connection with other problems. One example is bartholinitis in women, or inflammation of the Bartholin gland. The problem is considered quite common, it is faced by both young girls and adult women. What is bartholinitis Classification Acute bartholinitis Chronic Recurrent Subacute form Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Medical treatment Home treatment Prevention.

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Bartholinitis in women occurs when inflammation of a specific gland located in the vestibule of the vagina. Anatomically, its location is the posterior third of the vestibule of the labia majora. Structurally, it is a sebaceous gland. The organ is paired, normally it is quite difficult to notice without special skills in gynecology. The size of a normal Bartholin's gland is from one and a half to two centimeters. The length of the excretory duct is up to two and a half centimeters.

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The Bartholin glands begin to show their activity with the puberty of the girl, because the main function of this organ is the secretion of a protein secret that facilitates penetration during genital intercourse. In gynecological practice, there are cases when, due to insufficient activity of paired organs, women encountered problems in their sexual life: pain during penetration, lack of sexual desire. In the normal state, the glands are weakly active, although they are involved in maintaining a constant PH environment in the vagina, preventing drying out. The organs are most active from adolescence and puberty to the onset of menopause.

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Stimulation with the appearance of sexual arousal, as a result of which a signal is sent to activate the Bartholin glands. The ducts open, the active release of protein secretion begins. This substance helps the favorable course of sexual intercourse. Thus, bartholinitis in women implies that at some stage an infection enters the open ducts. In healthy women, the PH-environment of augmentin pills is acidic and quite aggressive in relation to pathogenic organisms, so most of the potentially dangerous bacteria are destroyed. But if their number is too high or the balance in the vagina is disturbed, then a warm, humid environment becomes an excellent place for the active reproduction of infectious agents.
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There is an opinion that the causes of bartholinitis are exclusively in unprotected intercourse with casual partners. However, this gynecological disease cannot be considered related to sexually transmitted diseases: inflammatory processes in the ducts of the glands occur even in virgins and women who have sex with only one partner.

The severity of inflammation can also be different: from discomfort to true or false abscess, which has to be opened by surgical methods. According to the statistics of gynecologists, seven out of ten women aged thirteen to sixfifty years, at least once in their lives faced with an unpleasant problem. Since, as a rule, acute bartholinitis proceeds in a fairly mild form, women endured the disease at home.
The disease is classified according to the localization of inflammation and the nature of the course. The criterion for separation is where exactly the pathological process has developed, how pronounced it is, and whether this is a single case or is repeated on an ongoing basis.
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In addition to the correct diagnosis, the classification helps to more correctly determine the tactics of treating bartholinitis, as well as prevent complications, identify concomitant diseases that can either provoke inflammation of the Bartholin glands, or, on the contrary, act as a complication of the infectious process.
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By localization, the following types are determined: Classical bartholinitis - proceeds in the form of a characteristic cyst at the site of the withdrawal of the vaginal ducts. It happens unilaterally, it occurs more often, and bilaterally, in which inflammation appears on both ducts of the gland. The severity of the pathological process in any case may be different. With bilateral bartholinitis, as a rule, a larger cyst appears on one side.

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According to the depth of the lesion: in addition to the typical bartholinitis, vaginal canaliculitis also occurs. Such a diagnosis means a purulent lesion of the entire duct. The condition may also present with cysts because one pathology does not rule out another. Abscess - melting of tissues as a result of purulent inflammation.

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It happens true and false, with the formation of a cavity at the site of the cyst. An abscess is an encapsulation, a kind of protective reaction of the body, trying to limit the focus of the spread of dangerous microorganisms. Unfortunately, without an autopsy, the source of the infection continues to cause pain to the patient and can even be life-threatening.

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A gynecologist can determine the type of disease. Self-diagnosis is difficult due to the localization of the disease. In addition, an appropriate specialized education is required in order to correctly establish the severity of pathogenesis. Treatment of bartholinitis is also best Augmentin pills under the supervision of a gynecologist.

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In addition to the form of pathogenesis, there are also types associated with how often and regularly inflammation occurs. It occurs most often, being, as a rule, primary. The inflammatory process begins without preliminary symptoms, as a rule, unexpectedly for the patient. With the right treatment tactics, acute bartholinitis disappears in a few days without additional medical measures.

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It can develop in case of improper treatment of an acute form of the disease or against the background of other gynecological problems. Very often accompanied by chronic infections of the small pelvis, including female organs. Concomitant diagnoses are often colpitis - inflammation of the vaginal mucosa and vulvitis - the vulva itself. Chronic bartholinitis is characterized by a less acute course.

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